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Honey, I'm Good
32 Count, 2 Walla (Contra Style)
Level: Low Intermediate
Choreographer: Donna Manning
Music: Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammer
#16 count intro into music - NO Tags Or Restarts
As a contra dance: pick a partner, start facing each other with about 3 feet between you……..
Step, Kick, Coaster Step, Stomp, Stomp, Toes, Heels, Toes
1,2, 3&4  Step R fwd, kick L fwrd as you tap instep to instep w/ partner, step L back, bring R back to L, step L fwrd
5,6, 7&8  Stomp R to R side, Stomp L to L side (weight to both feet), turn both toes to center, turn both heels to center, turn both toes to center taking weight to L
Cross Kicks R-L, Triple, Chase Turn
1,2,3,4  Kick R across, Bring R back to center, Kick L across, Bring L back to center (you can either tap insteps or kick across each other – add hands if you want…..patty cake L hands while kicking R feet and R hands as you kick L feet)
***You will now triple past your partner R shoulder to R shoulder switching sides***
5&6, 7&8  Step R fwrd, bring instep of L to heel of R, Step R fwrd, Step L fwrd, ½ turn R on the ball of L bring R together, Step L fwrd
***You should be back in front of your partner***
Heel Switches, Hitch, Stomp, Heel Switches, Hitch, Stomp
1&2&3&4  Touch R heel fwrd, R to center, Touch L heel fwrd, L to center, Touch R heel fwrd, Hitch R, Stomp R at center taking weight
5&6&7&8  Touch L heel fwrd, L to center, Touch R heel fwrd, R to center, Touch L heel fwrd, Hitch L, Stomp L across center taking weight
Side Rock, Recover, Weave (repeat sequence)
***You will be changing partners during counts 5-8*** (Make counts 1-4 small…..let 7&8 travel a bit to change partners)
1,2,3&4  Rock R to R side, recover to L, R behind L, L to L side, R cross over L – keep these steps small
5,6,7&8  Rock L to L side, recover to R, L behind R, R to R side, Cross L over R – Let 7&8 travel to the R to facilitate changing partners
***Your new partner will be the person to the left of your original partner***
You will dance the next rotation with your new partner. During the last section of 8 you will change again and be back with your original partners. People on the end of the lines will dance with and without partners every other rotation.