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Jim And Jack And Hank

Count: 32                     Wall: 4             Level: Improver

Choreographer: Shirley Blankenship, Kemp Harvey Aug 2015

Music: Jim And Jack And Hank - Alan Jackson

Start On Vocal:


Diagonal Steps, (K--Step)
1-2                   Step Right Forward, Touch (L)
3-4                   Step Back On Left, Touch (R)
5-6                   Step Back On Right, Touch (L)
7-8                   Step Forward On Left, Touch (R)

Vine Right And Left
1-2                   Step Right Side, Cross (L) Behind
3-4                   Step Right, Touch (L) Beside (R)
5-6                   Step Left Side,Cross Right Behind(L)
7-8                   Step Left, Touch (R) Beside (L)

Rocking Chair, 1/4 Jazz Right
1-2                   Rock Forward (R) Recover On Left
3-4                   Rock Back On (R) Recover On Left
5-6                   Cross Right Over Left, Step Back Left
7-8                   Step 1/4 Right On (R), Step Left Together

V- Step Kick- Ball- Change X2
1-2                   Step Right To (R) Step Left To (L)
3-4                   Step Back On (R) Step Left Beside (R)
5&6                  Kick, Ball, Change (R)
7&8                  Kick, Ball, Change (R)